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Ilka Pinheiro is writer, performer, Shamanic Reiki healer, intuitive counselor, meditation coach, and animal communicator with over two decades of experience exploring and teaching metaphysics.

Ilka Pinheiro

She graduated from Middlesex School in Concord, MA, received her undergraduate degree in Theatre from Northwestern University and her MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University, all while being psychic. After years of intuitively healing friends and family, she became a certified clairvoyant and Shamanic Reiki practitioner in 2014 and 2017, respectively; she continues to work and play in the Fine and Holistic Healing Arts in pursuit of universal liberation and equity.

Ilka lives in Brooklyn, NY and helps clients across the globe remember their birthright superpowers, architect their realities, and live their greatest lives. She enjoys a good plot twist and often sings while she works.



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